Super 4G Campaign: Tele2

Swedish telco creates online ‘emotional reality’ experience

October 25, 2016

Tele2 has launched the first of nine immersive live videos that give viewers the chance to experience the world through the eyes of various interesting people.

The first film in Swedish telco’s series takes a tour through a day of making ‘shitty robots’ with YouTube celebrity Simone Giertz (who is famous for her robotic antics). Other participants range from investment company executive Christine Stenbeck to body bio-hacker Amal Graafstra.


The videos, which support Tele2’s Settle for More campaign, were created with Edelman Deportivo in Stockholm.

Incorporating a feature the agency is calling ‘emotional reality’, the content goes further than just livestreaming footage from a camera attached to their helmet, as each celebrity’s pulse, sweat and brain activity is also monitored. All the data is analysed in real time to determine their emotional state, which is then displayed to the audience using various colours (red for anger or fear, green for calm, yellow for happy, etc.).

If the celebrity is concentrating on something specific, the centre of the screen will begin to get more focused, and if their heart rate spikes, a visualisation of their pulse will appear on the screen.

Up to 5,500 people can watch each 30-minute livestream at once. They can pan around the 220-degree view from the camera and give positive feedback by clicking an on-screen button, which will play an applause sound effect through the celebrity’s headphones.

Once the livestream is over, the video will remain on the Settle for More website.

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