#GoodComms TV2 Denmark – All that we share

Agency: &Cos Country: Denmark Website: http://www.andco.dk/ Communication Analysis Danish broadcaster TV2 proves we all have more in common than we think with its latest ad celebrating acceptance and diversity. Great Timing Released on the same day President Trump signed the executive order banning those from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US for 90 days and... Continue Reading →

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As Unilever CMO Keith Weed took to the stage to discuss “The Future of Brands,” he stated: “Brands. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re an integral part of our everyday life.” Citing his own background as an engineer, he said, “I love the data side as well as the creativity. I love the magic and the logic.”

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Adidas & BVG makes Public Transport Cool

“The motivation behind the collaboration is really to get young people on to public transport,” explains Petra Reetz . She also admits she was initially sceptical. “I said, ‘We are a public transport system, not Michael Jordan.’ … But in a big city like Berlin, the quality of life and quality of the air are important. We wanted to tell young people public transport is cool—you don’t need to buy a car.”

Security Moms #GoodComms

This week, we celebrated International Women's Day , we are looking different solutions and campaigns that seek to show what happens when women are empowered and acknowledged.  https://youtu.be/LpK8BbwZ0ok Campaign Analysis:  In 2014, Brazil led the world table in terms of football related deaths, so to ensure hooligans towed the line, fan’s mum’s filled in for... Continue Reading →

How Brands change attitudes!

Brands are often faced with the monumental challenges of changing people's attitudes towards brand, organizations, nations and or products! These are some of my favorite campaigns that have driven real attitudinal engagement and seemingly changing people's attitudes by applying ideas and insights that challenge the audience attitudes Client: Burger King  Country: New Zealand  Agency: Colenso... Continue Reading →

Standard Bank #Today campaign flop

SBSA (Standard Bank SA) has launched what seems like social media campaign (I cannot in good conscious call it a digital campaign)  Challenge: I'm assuming - Standard Bank tasked their agency with developing a campaign that would resonate with younger audiences & grow brand relevance.  Campaign: Kyle Lewis is famous for shooting artistically driven music... Continue Reading →

Nokia 3310 relaunch 

What does the return of this brand Icon mean? "The love for the brand is immense. It gets a lot of affection from millions and millions of people," Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said at the launch. I don't believe the Chief executive, this is not about brand love for Nokia. Nokia as a brand... Continue Reading →

#GoodComms Momondo Travel – DNA journey experiment 

A Agency: &Cos  Country: Denmark  Website: http://www.andco.dk/ Can you fight intolerance with DNA? Momondo and & Co.  a travel & accommodation business, is launching a global campaign where we challenge our view of ourselves and the world around us through DNA.  The campaign challenges social and ideological stances to open your mind by revealing the... Continue Reading →

5 African Trends 2017

February 07, 2017 TREND WATCHING HAS RELEASED 5 MAJOR 2017 TRENDS COMPILED FOLLOWING 2016 TRENDS AND OBSERVATIONS.  2016 representing a year of social polarity, political extremism and further divisions, isolation has but in Africa it's been a story of tech creating community and innovation that impacts life and people Centred brand action.  Community safety (Street... Continue Reading →

Everyone works in Customer Care

Absolutely everything, we do & how we do it, is all Marketing & advertising. Those private conversations that are generated by awful or awesome customer experiences across customer “care” to back office services. Every person in the organization works in customer care, because caring for customers is what all business does. We make an income... Continue Reading →

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