No Need for Sugar Tax in SA if?

Monopoly systems that are driven by a zero sum game thinking and profit only "Sooner or Later, start to turn on themselves and destroy themselves and their markets. They destroy themselves simply because they live and operate in a vacuum they have one view of reality profit or loss. It's means other things in the... Continue Reading →


The Beverage Association of South Africa (BEVSA) is a not-for profit membership based industry organisation that represents the interests of the non-alcoholic beverage industry.basically it's a lobby group for sugar and energy drinks.  The members include Coca Cola, Pepsico, Redbull, Tiger Brands, Soda king franchising etc  large to small beverage manufacturing companies who produce, import,... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Funny Fast Food ADS

Fast food chain uses Halloween to prank its customers, and its competitors! To celebrate this year’s Halloween, a Burger King branch in New York has comically turned itself into a McDonald’s restaurant. The eatery in Queen’s draped ghostly sheets over the store, each scribed with the name of its biggest rival. The sign underneath... Continue Reading →

HSBC #Nudge Campaign

Bank aims to improve its Britons' spending habits   HSBC bank has soft-launched Nudge, an app designed to encourage UK customers to improve how they manage their finances. Over the next three months, the app will use nudge theory to help 500 customers - who are also HSBC employees - make small tweaks to their day-to-day spending. Nudge theory... Continue Reading →

RedBull African Pop Up Tech Incubator

Energy drink brand organises mini tech incubator   For the second year running, Red Bull is hosting a programme that aims to improve society using technology. Red Bull Basement will be held in São Paulo, Brazil on August 20 and will run for two months. During that time, entrepreneurs recruited from all over the world will work together... Continue Reading →

MONDO: Mobile Only Bank : Campaign Analysis

We speak to the CEO of the mobile-only bank that’s taking on the UK’s established finance giants   London-based startup Monzo is following in the footsteps of companies like Atom and Starling by creating a new type of current account: one that isn’t just mobile-first, but mobile-only. The company, which recently changed its name from Mondo and is currently in... Continue Reading →

Super 4G Campaign: Tele2

Swedish telco creates online ‘emotional reality’ experience October 25, 2016 Tele2 has launched the first of nine immersive live videos that give viewers the chance to experience the world through the eyes of various interesting people. The first film in Swedish telco’s series takes a tour through a day of making ‘shitty robots’ with YouTube celebrity... Continue Reading →

Ariel Campaign Analysis: #ShareTheLoad

How a detergent brand increased sales in India by 76% by encouraging progressive gender roles   Earlier this year, Ariel launched an emotional online film in India challenging the fact that women do more housework. Dads #ShareTheLoad, created by BBDO India, follows on from the Procter and Gamble laundry detergent brand’s 2015 #ShareTheLoad campaign. In this year’s film, we see a mother racing... Continue Reading →

Little Cab

 We discover how Safaricom’s car service is an important cross-selling opportunity for the telco We recently reported that Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile phone network, has entered the car-sharing market with a new app. Little, developed in partnership with Nairobi-based software company Craft Silicon, lets people request a car using live GPS-enabled maps. Passengers who choose Little enjoy free wifi from... Continue Reading →

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