#AmaReviews – Young voices of the Creative Industry in SA

The Full episode 1 of #AmaReviews – Is finally out – #AmaCreativesafrica This initiative has been sorely missing in our industry, An Ad review by not done by the old guard; BizCommunity, MarkLives or Jeremy Maggs or Andy Rice – Please support it and leave your comments and make sure people talk about this. Big Ups Bogosi Motshegwa & Zac Disko Modirapula my Co-Hosts, we are starting a great journey K’zabolit in this industry!

@AmaCreativessaAfrica say “By popular demand, we bring you #Amareviews Extended video. Journey with us on this very first full video of AmaReviews, first of its kind ever. The first episode hosted by 3 of the industry’s experienced entrepreneurs. Here we interrogate, in-depth and honest opinion about the Commercial industry and the business surrounding it. The advertising and communications/marketing creative industry have always had a predominately one-sided perspective in general, this is an effort from us to bring forth the Black retrospect of whats on many tongues and minds of colleagues and alike but never really sees the light of day. We hope that you engage with us and leave your comments of the first rusty preview and tackle these issues on this very fresh and vibrant dynamic brutally honest platform.

#AmaReviews preview in Nov 2018


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