Adidas & BVG makes Public Transport Cool

ADIDAS makes Public Transport Cool

That’s the logic behind Adidas’ limited-edition EQT Support 93/Berlin shoe, is the result of an unlikely partnership between the brand and Berlin city’s public transport company BVG.


The Challenge:

BVG Berlin city’s public transport company wanted to attract more young people to use its transport services.

“The motivation behind the collaboration is really to get young people on to public transport,” explains Petra Reetz . She also admits she was initially sceptical. “I said, ‘We are a public transport system, not Michael Jordan.’ … But in a big city like Berlin, the quality of life and quality of the air are important. We wanted to tell young people public transport is cool—you don’t need to buy a car.”

Watch Case Study: BVG Adidas case study #CoolShit

The Result:

On top of appealing to footwear collectors with their unique public transport-inspired look the sneakers—of which just 500 pairs will be sold—appeal to people seeking a massive discount on Berlin’s yearly public transport ticket. The cheapest option is currently 728€ (R10,531) … but the sneaks, which double as transit passes, sell for just 180€ (R2,594).

People queued for 3 days and the shoes were sold out in 1 hour. The resale value for the limited edition sneaker also tripled upon purchase.

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