How Brands change attitudes!

Brands are often faced with the monumental challenges of changing people’s attitudes towards brand, organizations, nations and or products!

These are some of my favorite campaigns that have driven real attitudinal engagement and seemingly changing people’s attitudes by applying ideas and insights that challenge the audience attitudes

Client: Burger King 

Country: New Zealand 

Agency: Colenso BBDO


Flame grilled burgers have always been one of Burger King’s biggest points of brand differentiation, but most people in New Zealand simply didn’t know this or didn’t believe it to be true. ‘When asked: “Who flame grills their burgers?” Burger King had only 18% of consumers believing that they did – just 2% above McDonald’s, who have never made a flame grilled burgers, or ever claimed to,’ explains Neville Doyle, planning director at Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

Burger King in New Zealand was also being outspent by competitors, with its total share of voice in the category sitting at around 18%, compared with 28% for KFC and 33% for McDonald’s. However, with the total market stagnant, any growth would have to come from directly stealing market share.


The agency decided that the best way to grow the brand’s market share would be to change the public’s attitude towards Burger King’s unique cooking practices. Neville Doyle explains:

‘As we investigated deeper around the concept of fLame grilling, it became clear that Kiwis associated ‘ flame grilling’ closely with numerous crucial benefits, namely “healthier, fresher & tasti-er”.

We felt that if we could get belief in flame grilling to spike, there would be a natural association with these benefits too.’

‘In a market where most fast food restaurant advertising focuses on price deals or short-term new product development, focusing on our core range would have much greater long term potential for brand growth


To convince people that all of its patties are in fact flame grilled, the agency launched the Backyard Burger King campaign.

Over a four-month period, the brand gave away 50 Backyard Burger King kits. Each one contained the ingredients to make 16 Whoppers, along with customized cooking utensils, a hat, an apron, matches and even an illuminated sign.

To apply for the chance to win a kit, users had to visit Burger King’s Facebook page and describe in 140 characters why they should receive the prize.


In less than a week, the brand received over 11,500 applications for a kit.

During the four-month campaign period, New Zealanders’ belief that Burger King flame grilled its burgers rose from 18% to 65% and has stayed at that level, according to monthly brand tracking. As a direct result of this change in perception, sales rose by 7.6% – the best sales result in the 22-year history of Burger King in New Zealand.


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