Standard Bank #Today campaign flop

SBSA (Standard Bank SA) has launched what seems like social media campaign (I cannot in good conscious call it a digital campaign) 

Challenge: I’m assuming – Standard Bank tasked their agency with developing a campaign that would resonate with younger audiences & grow brand relevance. 

Campaign: Kyle Lewis is famous for shooting artistically driven music and brand videos … captured the idea “Make One Day, Today” perfectly .. the videography is masterful and the people chosen to feature in the ad are some of SA’s most prolific young entrepreneurs, creatives and creators, which lends the brand credence and relevance.

Campaign analysis

It’s a completely miss and this is why it’s not #GoodComms 

After that great video, which has about 15 600 views , you click through to the mini-site all excitedly only to find that it’s a dead-end! All your options are reduced to choosing and creating a digital picture post …. and that’s it …

The campaign ends right there and has no visible connection or link to the business of Standard Bank! Such as a product or platforms to make One day #Today! 

This is a classic story of a lack of strategy and thinking through ones campaign communications, intended impact and delivery on business objectives. Even if the campaign is premised on social ROI I can clearly make the link between campaign and brand objectives. 

Integration failure 

To top it off … it doesn’t look like anyone has briefed to respond to queries 


2 thoughts on “Standard Bank #Today campaign flop

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  1. Lebogang, my man. You are absolutely spot on!

    This is the lack of balance between creative excellence and answering to business pains. There is no thorough strategic thinking in this. But if the objective was to make Standard Bank relevant and cool, they have done somewhat okay, but I doubt the ROI will make client happy. Also, they have not leveraged digital and its capabilities to their full potential.

    Creating a poster is so first level thinking.

    1. It’s titanic waste of a great piece of content. Kyle Lewis is talented and it’s without doubt a wasted opportunity to advantage of his skills and all the amazing people in the video.

      I would have build a For TV & Mobile show property around them all and a non competitive format that focuses on using this show and our skills as a bank to propel these young people into African superstars and to have them inspire the nation.

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