Nokia 3310 relaunch 

What does the return of this brand Icon mean?

“The love for the brand is immense. It gets a lot of affection from millions and millions of people,” Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said at the launch.

I don’t believe the Chief executive, this is not about brand love for Nokia. Nokia as a brand doesn’t really exist anymore….this is more of the “Vintage Hype” it’s part of the low tech & long battery life trend in communications. 

Will it work in Africa?

Yes it will probably fly … Smartphone use, Bad batteries, inconsistent electricity supply and cracked screen cost of repairs has forced many people to carry secondary cheap phones to stay In touch with the world!

Part of this trend also carries nostalgia for what are called torchphones in Nigeria & kenya and mapopotane in South Africa or burner phones in the west. These are generally cheap analog phones that are available cheaply across the world with basically have the same design and features. 

But he may be right!

About the brand love for the 3310, its generation x’s smartphone, the snake game made it a must have and it’s qwerty keypad was sexy when SMS was blowing up! 

It was a robust phone and I think it’s that memory of this iconic and hardy phone that has the world absorbed in its impending return! 

It’s equal to a Beetle in brand status to baby boomers it’s an iconic brand for anyone born after 1975-1990 (AKA everyone who works)

“HMD (Nokia) owns a retro hit and is surfing on the ‘vintage’ hype to re-create buzz around the Nokia brand,” Forrester Research consumer devices analyst, Thomas Huss

Updates to the device will include a colour screen, camera, a micro SD card slot and the ability to play MP3s.



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