Everyone works in Customer Care

Absolutely everything, we do & how we do it, is all Marketing & advertising. Those private conversations that are generated by awful or awesome customer experiences across customer “care” to back office services.

Every person in the organization works in customer care, because caring for customers is what all business does. We make an income from from fulfilling needs & providing services to meet those wants and needs.

So we should all care about what our customers want and ensure our internal customers can “Care” for our External customers.

Perhaps we need to do away with all customer care departments & marketing depts and focus on making every part & person in our organization caring!

Companies that have gotten this right have a special trick but it’s not magic. It’s basically all in the recruitment and dating process with your staff. Great brands all have on-boarding or orientation programs that forge absolute respect for people! How? You Ask, two ways:

  1. Absolute people orientation: they make a concerted effort to have a cohesive and family atmosphere in their business. It’s people working with people for people!
  2. Empathy: they put people in the shoes of other people and therefore and understanding of different challenges and opportunities of the business.


  • Zappos & Nandos make all applicants work in all parts of the business for cleaning the executive spaces.
  • Orange Mobile used to make their leadership team apply for cellphone contracts or go to shops for experiencing the customer experience
  • Airports Company of SA used to fly baggage handlers around SA to give them the empathy to understand how important getting your baggage is on holiday.

“We are a Customer service company, we just happen to sell shoes” -Tony Hsieh (Zappos Ceo)

This is important especially today in a world where adnoise is so loud customers believe real lived experiences by peers or other users or people in your circle rather than what company driven adnoise!

The whole company must feel and act like everyone is in customer care, the CEO must treat every senior executive and all staff like customers and go all out to make them happy so they can make the end user customer happy.

Iti s not about processes it’s about people and a culture that puts people orientation first, so they can put our customers and all people first.



2 thoughts on “Everyone works in Customer Care

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  1. Fantastic article, and I believe the elements of empathy and absolute people orientation should form the Employee Value Proposition, coupled with what the Executives of the company have done to foster and embrace those values/ elements. If I know I am going into a space where even the big bosses are believers of caring for their customers, by caring for the person who should care for the customer….well..I am sold!

    1. I think the key is the people and customer orientation and driving human connections. When people Cde about each other the customer, our people and organisation will prosper!

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