No Need for Sugar Tax in SA if?

Monopoly systems that are driven by a zero sum game thinking and profit only “Sooner or Later, start to turn on themselves and destroy themselves and their markets. They destroy themselves simply because they live and operate in a vacuum they have one view of reality profit or loss.
It’s means other things in the world don’t factor into their thinking or planning it’s always profit or loss. They forget that people are the market and people are parts of communities and human systems that must be sustainable to sustain profit and growth.

Profit only Vs Creating Shared Value

Why Creating Shared Value would have saved us all from sugar tax and billions of rands in health care, pain, misery and lifelong disease management programs.
Two weeks I wrote a blog post on how simpleminded the BevSA lobby campaign!

#PoorerNotThinner is! See post

I stand by my analysis and this is my attempt to help them be more impactful and useful to society and their own brands by being be more CSV focused.

The BevSA campaign flaws:

1. The biggest problem with the BevSA lobby campaign is that it’s reactive and couches the attempt to create a healthier nation as a job threat.

2. In a country where so many people are unemployed it’s no good to threaten people with firing them because you don’t like the new tax regime created to cull disease and death.
3.The campaign adds no value and creates polarizing perspectives and a false dichotomy Sugar tax vs Jobs losses. 

The way forward 
This is what they should do now and in the future to rid the industry of the sugar tax. (Create a smarter, more active and healthier nation)

Strategy objective

  1. Develop a roadmap that will take SA from the current need for a “sugar tax” to not needing one because sugar products is consumed and sold in responsible ways.
  2. Second create impetus for the nation to active and healthier by creating CSV platforms and strategies.

Step 1: Get the Nation Active

National fitness programs with national, local govt, Fitness brands, Brand already working in these spaces.

  • School sporting programs – supporting programs at school levels and tertiary.
  •  Admin, Health, Finance and Marketing assistance for various sporting codes.
  • Collaborative efforts with sports academies and institutes.
  • Alternative sporting activity sponsorships: urban sports skating, street sports, walking, paintball, dance, traditional games, urban and rural fitness events
  • Super circuit games – urban and rural sports pop set ups.
  • Leverage Redbull’s ability to promote and highlight up and coming codes and activities, like they did for extreme sports.

Set up low cost and locally sourced obstacle courses and different sporting activities a d races in urban and rural settings while also training and developing and employing local youth to work on these set ups, administration and operations.


Nike Run example : Low cost and branded public races have been very successful in urban Spaces in South Africa. These events do the trick, they cater for the runner, the by product is brand love and sales )

Spur Aqua-thon: Spur Iron Kids is driven by their focus on getting kids healthy have several branded partnerships with supersport and the Swimming association to create the biggest iron kids event in Africa)

Step2: Innovative Products 

Innovative sugar product formulation and sizes which has started with coke’s range of 250 ml drinks packaging and perhaps some product bundling, say water And sugary drinks bundles.

Smarter formulations: Stevia sugar extract substitutes (37% less sugar) and healthier doses of sugary drinks .. which is happening and shows that the industry can do more to cut back on the sheer amounts of sugar in our drinks. 
Step 3: Innovative Sponsorships 

Innovate sponsorship approach focus on participation and expanding access to play and be active … solar, pedal power stations, community leagues, junior sport administrations interventions, management support initiatives.

Lobby perspective

Form and forge relations with gov and community based organizations to champion a big national goal that will initiate and sustain healthy living and activity.

A big goal that will require partnerships with all major sporting organizations and government in order to launch a national focus on activity and sporting careers.

The Power of Play: Unleashing the power of play and activity to make the nation healthier, fitter, productive and champions in sports and other physical activity driven practices.

Big Goals Approach

Champs Vision 2024
Goal to have SA represented on each major sports category for Olympics and major sporting competitions

In conclusion:
I’m not suggesting that this would be easy at all, to the contrary it would be a treacherous journeys. Lots of politics, testing, failing and learning. And most importantly it would be a life time commitment and crusade for the smart brands who decide to emancipate themselves by using and thinking about CVS differently.

The benefits:

Brand : Trust, community Appreciation and self generated and sustainable sales.
The People(The Market): long healthy lives, happiness, employment, new skills , purpose and incomes

The real lessons from Mexico:


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