RedBull African Pop Up Tech Incubator

Energy drink brand organises mini tech incubator


For the second year running, Red Bull is hosting a programme that aims to improve society using technology.

Red Bull Basement will be held in São Paulo, Brazil on August 20 and will run for two months. During that time, entrepreneurs recruited from all over the world will work together with experts on five experimental projects centred around urban improvement.

Each project group will receive an initial R$4,000 ($1,240) investment, a R$1,500 ($465) bursary each month as well as access to lab equipment and R$2,000 ($620) to help launch the project in a different country.

This year’s projects range from Internet of Things water monitoring devices to inflatable environments that could be used as temporary work or event spaces.

The programme will begin with the Red Bull Basement Festival, a day-long event with the theme: ‘Reprogram your city’. Members of the public can attend for free, watch lectures and participate in workshops.

To promote the festival’s launch, Red Bull converted São Paulo’s unused phone boxes into information hubs.

The Smart Orelhão (Smart Phone Booth) project, developed with agency LDC in São Paulo, allows anyone without internet access to dial a free number to receive information about local bus services and time tables.



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