6 Billion Rands for English Premiership rights 

Ever wondered what the great coverage of  English Premier league costs Multichoice? Wonder no more ….

Apparently SuperSport paid a massive £296 million for the 2016-19 Barclays Premier League broadcast rights in sub-Saharan Africa, The Mail Online reported.

This would have cost MultiChoice around R6 billion in August 2015 when the deal was signed. The exchange rate is hovering around R23 to the British Pound. 

Makes you wonder what they paid for the Absa Premier Soccer Leaugue in SA? Well Multichoice paid around R2 Billion for PSL rights in 2012.

Here are some insights  from sports marketing company BMI that shows that sport sponsorship is done on the basis of really bad viewership assumptions:

  • BMI research shows Contrary to perceptions, domestic football attracts higher viewership figures than even English Premier League matches featuring top clubs Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool.
  • BMI research also shows that companies who are sponsors in domestic football enjoy far more media exposure than in the other sporting codes in SA.
  •  There are 341 local football associations, Safa has 64 members — the PSL is one of them — and that this is all part of a larger football family.
  • 1 200 soccer players playing in the PSL, but there are about 3m other players in South Africa. 
  • According to the findings of a BMI research report due to be released next month, black subscribers accounted for only around 30% of the total satellite broadcasting universe in 2007.
  • ‘‘In 2007, about 60%-65% of all SuperSport viewers were white, which was a complete anomaly.
  • Today 65% of the viewers are black and viewing patterns have changed.
  • If you look at the top 30 sporting events on just SuperSport last year, you look for the exception that is not soccer.
  • David Sidenberg, a partner at sports research company BMI, says there are many perceptions and assumptions about SA sport that, on closer inspection, just aren’t true
  • Top sporting events will generally be either the Chiefs- Pirates derbies, Bafana Bafana matches, cup finals, a few other PSL derbies and matches that feature Chiefs and Pirates against other clubs. It you are lucky you will find one rugby test match. If you look at cricket the numbers are quite small. But the perception is that there are a lot more people watching cricket on SuperSport than would be watching local football. That is no longer the case.”

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  1. The cost of rights to broadcast the BPL has nothing to do with the cost of the PSL. Also, it appears the crux of the argument is that more people in SA watch PSL than BPL, but the BPL is in demand globally while the PSL is only in demand locally.

    1. It’s neither here nor there , because the article is not seeking to compare the two amounts.

      It does however highlight the misconceptions that drive sponsorship funding between local sports codes that favor the sports perceived to be popular with certain sectors of societies.

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