Chain Reactions Nigeria to ‘Unwrap The Nu Natives’, Nigeria’s first youth trends report


Lagos, Nigeria; November 9, 2015: Chain Reactions Nigeria, the leading Public Relations and Integrated Communications Consultancy, has set the new pace for the Integrated Marketing Communications sector as it unveils Nigeria’s first-of-kind bespoke youth trends report, Nigerian Trends Report on Thursday 12, November  2015.

The Nigerian Trends Report is an in-depth survey of common trends among members of the Nigerian youth class (globally referred to as the millennials) to help both public and private sector organisations to understand the new cultural and behavioural patterns among the youth population and how to engage with them.

The bespoke youth trends report, powered by Chain Reactions Nigeria, was put together in association with Trends Watching, the leading consumer trends and insight research firm based in the United Kingdom.


Conceived as a significant leverage document for public and private sector organisations to get into the heart of the youth class, the launch of the Nigerian Trends Report will be attended by a galaxy of mixed industry leaders from across the music, media, arts, sports, fashion and  ICT sectors as well as government and indeed from other sectors that have a need to engage with the Nigerian youth segment.

The unveiling event titled, “Naija Decoded” ,under the inspiring theme, “Unwrapping The Nu Natives”, is scheduled for 4pm at Protea Hotel, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja Lagos while a panel of eminent industry leaders has also been assembled to engage in live discussions around common behaviours among the youth population. The panelists include celebrity fashionista, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo, Founder of MUDI Africa, the fashion house whose clientele comprises notable music icons, businessmen and top politicians.

Another panelist representing the technology category, is the celebrated youth market specialist and Head, Youth Market Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Elvis Ogiemwanye while celebrity social media influencer, OloriSupergal; widely travelled sports journalist and analyst, Raji Babafemi as well as multiple-awards winning Nollywood movie producer, actor and film director, Kunle Afolayan complete the list of eminent panelists.


Speaking about the youth reports initiative, Israel Jaiye Opayemi, Managing Director/Chief Strategist, Chain Reactions Nigeria, said the intent of the report is to change the way government and indeed businesses in Nigeria see and engage with the Nigerian youth segment by offering them deep insights into the thinking and preferences of the millennials.

He said: “This report contains a selection of common trends that are peculiar to the Nigerian youth segment. While insights in this report have been analysed specifically for the Nigerian market, many innovation examples have also been handpicked from various markets from across the continent to show how these cultures and behavioural patterns are also traveling across borders.”

Opayemi added: “The report is focused on the trends that are currently hip amongst the ‘NU Natives’, a new Nigerian youth that is not defined by his or her geography, finance or society. The new native defines himself or herself and celebrates his/her afro-centric roots but he/she is still very technology savvy and worldly. The trends are illustrated with cross-industry innovations, insights from Trends Watching’s global spotters, and relevant statistics. By keeping your finger on the pulse of these changes, you’ll be better able to see relevant opportunities and act nimbly with your own business.”

He informed invited guests that the report unveil will be classy and memorable.


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