PR is alive and Well 

Public Relations is alive and well that’s why a certain agency is running a PR campaign to convince us that PR is Dead and to convince people to attend their event. I think part of the confusion can be understood by analyzing their concept of PR. They don’t fully understand that marketing, advertising, digital marketing and content marketing are all part of the arsenal available to the modern PR professional and agency. 


It’s all PR

Advertising is PR, Digital is PR, Outdoor is PR, Endorsement deals are PR, Stakeholder relations is PR, Advocacy campaigns are PR: all these activities are all PR activities because they all serve to manage the particular public’s opinion of the brands or personalities involved.


All publicized content is PR

One can easily argue that any form of communication issued by any organization is PR because PR is Public Relations, the management of one’s personal or business brand and the relationship it has with is differentiated publics. 

 Of course PR has evolved 

Yes PR has evolved far beyond press releases and reputation management it encompasses a whole litany of disciplines and media that seek to help brands to influence their publics and stakeholders. For as long as companies and individuals have the need to communicate and influence their publics PR will always be necessary. 

The Facts speak for themselves!

“All the recent marketing successes have been PR successes, not advertising successes. To name a few: Starbucks, The Body Shop,, Yahoo!, eBay, Palm, Google, Linus, PlayStation, Harry Potter, Botox, Red Bull, Microsoft, Intel, and BlackBerry. A closer look at the history of most major brands shows this to be true. As a matter of fact, an astonishing number of well-known brands have been built with virtually no advertising at all. Anita 


Roddick built The Body Shop into a worldwide brand without any advertising. Instead she traveled the world looking for ingredients for her natural cosmetics, a quest that resulted in endless publicity. Until recently Starbucks didn’t spend a hill of beans on advertising either. In its first ten years, the company spent less that $10 million (total) on advertising in the United States, a trivial amount for a brand that delivers annual sales of $1.3 billion today. 


-Mart became the world’s largest retailer, ringing up sales approaching $200 billion, with little advertising. Sam’s Club, a Wal-Mart sibling, averages $56 million per store with almost no advertising. In the pharmaceutical field, Viagra, Prozac, and Vioxx became worldwide brands with almost no advertising. In the toy field, Beanie Babies, Tickle Me Elmo, and Pokémon became highly successful brands with almost no advertising. In the high-technology field, Oracle, Cisco, and SAP became multibillion-dollar companies (and multibillion-dollar brands) with almost no advertising.”  ― Al RiesThe Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

By Lebo Mukansi 


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