Shock tactics for GP drivers

Shock tactics for GP motorists


This past festive season the Gauteng province turned to guerrilla marketing to try and curb the lives lost on Gauteng roads in car accidents.

The Gauteng Transport Department believes motorists are blatantly ignoring its safety campaigns, forcing it to come up with a new campaign aimed at shocking them into complying with road rules.

Spokesman Thapelo Moiloa said they had tried to educate motorists about the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding and illegal overtaking, but these had not helped in curbing road accidents.

Between December 1 2013 last year and January 7 2014 this year 1 376 people were killed in 1 147 road crashes.

Gauteng recorded 223 crashes which resulted in 268 fatalities. KwaZulu-Natal had 237 crashes and the highest number of deaths, 284.

The new campaign


The campaign features wrecked cars that eerily look like an accident has just happened are being placed in strategic places along Gauteng roads, to alert road users to the dangers of irresponsible behaviour.

The Wrecked cars will also be placed at filling stations along major roads, at airports, at dangerous locations and at roadblocks.


In our opinion this was a successful marketing campaign in terms of impact and messaging. One of our team members saw the car in Soweto on news years eve, He reports slowing down to look at the vehicle and being instantly reminded that it could have been him in the accident.

He says it did remind him to be safe on the roads and reduced his speed dramatically as result of the shock scene.

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