What Hangovers, Traditional Media, Pick-up lines and Digital Media have in common !


Traditional marketing is like withdrawing loads of cash and the going on a drinking spree. The next day you wake with the heavy hangover and hardly any memory of what you spent your cash on. In fact chances all you remember is how much you withdrew and that you have a hangover from hell.

That’s sort of how traditional marketing and media works.

Digital on the other hand is like using your debit card, no matter how hard you indulged you will have a record of where, how much and when you spent money.

In other words digital enables us to and study you’re spending patterns to work out whether our return on investment matches or correlates with the investment made.
Digital is the future of marketing, until someone can show me the analytics for your billboards, TV and Radio ads I’m convinced that we must invest in digital marketing especially in order to inform the above the line campaigns

Meeting on Facebook or Bad pick-up lines in a Bar!

Traditional advertising is like hitting on a girl in a bar, it’s all a hit and miss game. She might be in a bad mood that day and rejects your whole game in its entirety.
And what’s worse is that she is under no obligation to give you feedback, it could have been your pick up line, your clothes, your face or your breath.

Digital on the other-hand is like meeting someone on Facebook:

Firstly she must accept your friendship request. Secondly Facebook creates familiarity and comfort because we have friends in common or people we follow in common. Thirdly, you have insights and analytics into what she likes, what posts she responds to, does she respond to jokes or religious posts, when she uses Facebook and who her friends are and where she likes to party.
So on the day that you meet her you can be at your best and armed with the most potent information to woo her.
What’s you Call

So what’s your call … Go drinking with wads of cash and hit on total strangers or Meet nice girls on Facebook and take her out using your debit card.

By Lebo Mukansi


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