2014 Innovation & Technology Predictions

On 27 May Deloitte SA hosted the #TMTPREDICTIONS2014 event at the Maslow hotel. The TMT predictions are an annual event and happen globally, the event covers and reports on global innovation and technology trends. They also take into account the trends and forecast their own digital and innovations as Deloitte.

Video On Demand (VOD)

My Interview with Mark Casey the US born leader of the TMT team agreed to talk to me about VOD specifically. I was very interested in uncovering the expected growth of the VOD market.

According to the #TMTPredictions2014 VOD services would be taken up by an additional 1 million people in sub Saharan Africa.

This year the top digital predictions were underwhelming…..quite honestly many of them were not predictions but rather were already the reality or the obviously inevitable. The event though was far more interesting this year. I like the fact that the content was consumer focused and that there were actual products displayed and featured.

These are some of the major predictions by Industry:

Technology predictions

1. Wearable Tech like smart watches and Google glass would sell 10 million units and generate upwards of $3 billion in 2014.

2. e-Visits – The 21st century medical house call will deliver over 100 million eVisits this year. (Hello Doctor is a prime SA example of eHealth services.

3. Massive Open Online Courses are set to generate up to 10 million students signing up for e Courses up 100% from 2012.

Media and Entertainment

1. Doubling up on Pay TV. by 2014 over 50 million homes world wide will have 2 or more pay TV subscriptions generating $5 billion in revenue.

2. Broadcast sports rights : will increase to $24.2 billion up 14% from 2013

3. Performance rights lift for recorded music revenues: Revenues from performance rights, a license payable for playing music to the public should exceed $1 billion for the $16 billion music industry.


1. Phablets: over 300 million phablets (Tablets with 5.0 -6.9 inch screens) will be sold in 2014 and will represent a quarter of all smartphone sales.

2. Sms Vs IM : Instant messaging services on mobile will car 50 billion messages per day versus 21 billion a day for SMS.

3. Smartphone generation Gap – Over 55’s are experiencing the fastest year on year growth in smartphone penetration.

Download link for the report: http://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/tmt-predictions-2014.html


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