Tribes and Communities: realizing the value of sponsorships


The theme of the #RepucomBreakfast was Tribes and Communities: realizing the value of sponsorships

The Repucom Breakfast is forum hosted by Repucom Africa, its a meeting of the experiential agencies, sponsors and rights holders to share insights that create value for all stake holders.

Panel discussion


The panel discussion featured Cairo Howarth the President of EFC Africa and Douglas Ryder Head of Team MTN Qhubeka  Both guys spoke very passionately about the need to control an manage one’s content and to tell great brand stories. Both MTN Qhubeka and EF AFRICA have had big wins this year with MTN Qhubeka winning their first international race and EFC Africa penning a deal with Africa’s biggest sports broadcaster Supersport.

The Big Take aways from the even came from Annelie Watt from Repucom Africa: Its all about the FAN


Top 10 Sponsorship takeouts from #RepucomBreakfast from Annalie watt.


1. Community – Understand your market not just demographics perspective.

2. Passion – Understand the passion drivers of your audiences.

3. Build, Engagement and Experience. These activities are what drives sponsorship value. Its not about sticking on logos.

4. Media …drive your media aggressively and maximise your coverage.

5. Sponsorship Rights – buy the right ones and use them effectively!

6. Quality: The right audience, access to them and develop high quality promotions. You have to understand the relationship that must be created to add value to your fans.

7. Quantity has a diminishing return. You cant just spray and pray and repeat.

8. Rights Owners celebrate your partners and share the value they add to the sport with fans and athletes.

9. Exclusivity- Develop exclusivity and Intangible benefits, one of sponsorships greatest strengths!

10. Execution – Ensure execution is flawless in addressing needs of all stakeholder.

By @lebza1mukansi


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