Giant Stress Ball in Times Square

This  is brilliant stunt by Jamaica TourismGiant and RelaxDraftfcb’s big yellow stuntBy Tim Nudd


This basicaly Outdoor media with a heavy dose of touch and interaction. Purely from a messaging point of view is amazing in the sense the media is the message and the message is in the media.

The stress ball connects the stressful effects of living in new york city and Jamaica as the provider of this relaxed and stress free moment(Think Holiday break). Its a break from the norm sponsored by Jamaica’s Tourism board. And we have a genius moment a smart and instateous connection.  ( if you know what a stress ball is?)

An enormous stress ball was placed on Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets, giving New Yorkers and visitors a chance to “squeeze their burdens away.”


The giant ball doesn’t work like a regular stress ball—it meant to just give it a big hug, mon.


In any case, its big smiling face served as a de-stresser by itself. And if all else failed, reggae artist and Jamaica native Gyptian was on hand to perform his mellow tunes for the crowd.

Advert credits
Clients: Jamaica Tourist BoardAgency: Draftfcb, New YorkChief Creative Officer: Javier Campopiano


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