The Science behind Beer Drones


I think I’ve developed a healthy obsession with Beer Drones and the other non-lethal applications of drones.

I’ve been specifically been thinking about brand Activations and fan engagement.


Some promotional and marketing ideas. For stadium promotional activities.

Idea: Beer Drone Bar Section :

What is it?: Beer Drone Bar Section inside the stadium sort of a VIP section for fans who download the app or use the USSD  system. The app would allow the fan access to the special seating. Once seated the fans can use mobile money account to buy beer that’s delivered to his/her seat by the drone. The drone would use seat coordinates or geotags signal via smartphone.

Sponsorship Strategy Partners:

Activations Agency: Rollout, Fan engagement, User Acquisition. Education campaigns.

Telcos: Mobile partner, support app or ussd, data sales & App downloads. Full spectrum of OS platforms Mobile money partner (bank) a partner to manage mobile purchases and promote their mobile money systems an or app.

Beer Brand. A beer brand would be a key partners as far as activations and bar management.  Possibility packaging design to suit drone delivery. Branding activities and objectives are of course inferred for all the partners. ROI and bottomline impact will also be considered for each brand.

By @Lebza1Mukansi


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