Case Study: Video profiles are cool

Afro Lounge – Entrepreneur Video profile – Client:

Why use Video Profiles

This Video profile was developed for Business Funders and  Afro Lounge Kitchen Bar.. Afro Lounge specializes in this contemporary African, South African cuisines and are famous for their Grills. contact for bookings


The Video Profile: Is a powerful solution is the video business profile. Its a great connector for clients who need to make contact with their customers and want to show that they are, in fact, real human beings.

From restaurants, publishers to Business funders etc, video profiles opened up the owners to their customers, establishing a basis of trust. Instead of seeing a large, uncaring franchise, the store’s customers were introduced to the owners of a family run business and their passion for their business and clients.


The videos are not only cost-effective but also allow the business to show the true personality of the owner and business as well highlight the funding opportunities provided by


What to do with your Video profiles 

This particular video will be used across various platforms to promote both businesses to both clients for the Afro Lounge (restaurant) and for prospective clients and stakeholders of the IDF.(Funder)


Places to place your Video profile:

  • Websites – Both websites
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • YouTube Channels
  • New Business emailing lists
  • 3rd party sites that promote the industry

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